The taxi

The taxi

Glastonbury Wreck Collective Taxi
Our taxi at the festival

Glastonbury 2007 was a real test. We waterproofed the canvas and it stood up to the terrible weather throughout the festival. The high winds of the last day left it battered but intact. For the 2007 festival, we made some adaptations, and used it as a dedicated exhibition area.

We had other projects. In conjunction with Hackney City farm we converted a London taxi cab into a solar/wind powered cinema. This showed films at the London City Farms festival as well as Glastonbury 07. This proved to be a real attraction and got us lots of publicty.

One of our members is a film student and her film “shop dropping” (see youtube!) was a real crowd pleaser. The largest single audience was 7 crammed in the back of the taxi! We had traffic lights salvaged from the side of the road (legally!), and bubble machines and automata projects on the go too.

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