How we started

How we started

The first time we put the dome up was in June 2005. All seemed well. We didn’t have time to waterproof it before we went to Glastonbury Festival a week later. As we put it up in the Green Fields in the blazing sun we thought we had got away with it. No chance! It’s big test was the storm and torrential rain on the Thursday night.



We didn’t fare well, and resorted to buckets and tents inside the dome to keep us dry . However once the storm passed we dried out and got many admiring comments. We were certainly not as smart as the commercial domes, but ours definitely had much more character! 8 of us comfortably lived in the dome for the festival.


It was next used in 2006 for a birthday party. This time the weather was much kinder. It made a great dance space and again was very well received.

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